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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When Your Pets are Sick

The month of November I had many illnesses among my precious pets. First, my smallest Chihauhau CJ went through a major illness and I almost lost her. Then all of my other Chihauhaus also got sick. The vet wasn't sure exactly what it was. For the last month, I've been nursing all of them back to health. It's made me very parenoid about my animals and how in the blink of an eye, I could lose one of them. Insurance can be very expensive for pets with everything else we have to pay for. Although, if there was a major problem, how can I be sure I can afford to get medical attention to them? There is a limit to what I can pay because I don't have reserve funds for emergencies. With the economy the way it is, we can't use credit cards either. So, what if something happens again? How can I take care of them with the money we have? Some vets offer payment plans, but then even the best of them, after awhile, will restrict you from bringing a pet in if you don't pay a huge amount on what you owe. We have a running bill right now because all of the problems our pets have had in the last month. We spent everything we had on medical bills when CJ was in the animal hospital, then spent even more afterwards at our vet. They allowed me to make payments but then there were more reoccuring health issues and the bill just kept going up and up. Then another one of my pets has an ear ache and now I'm not allowed to bring any pets back until I pay half of my bill. We're working on that, but in the meantime, what do I do for my sweet pet who has ear pain? I have done so much research this week to figure it out and I think I have it under control with natural ways to help him. This blog is my way of helping others to be able to assist their pet if there is a problem with their health. I'm not advocating not going to the vet. I think vets are wonderful and have helped my animals many times. But in extreme circumstances, you may not be able to take a pet to the vet, so what do you do? Hopefully, I can help others in this way and figure out how to keep our pets safe, healthy and free from illnesses. Chihauhaus are very sensitive to changes in their food, environment and their health can change very quickly. I want to be the best pet owner and take great care of my animals. Unfortunately, unforseen circumstances can occur and then I need to take control of their health in the best way possible. They are little gifts and God lent them to me, so I will take the best care of them and love them as best as I can.